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November 18-27

Mrs. Williams

About Me

Spelling List

words this week

Words with silent letters


2. clown

3. round

4. bow

5. cloud

6. power

7. crown

8. thousand

9. crowd

10. sound

11. count

12. powder

13. blouse

14. frown

15. pound

16. house

17. found

18. noun


19. mountain

20. coward

Reading/Language Arts- 

This week we are reading story about a Japanese man who tells stories through a live performance. This style of performance is called Kamishibai. The students will comparing and contrasting how a live performance is different from just reading a story or other type of entertainment. The students will be creating their own characters and script to perform to their class mates. They will also be reviewing opinions vs. facts, cause and effect, and words with multiple meanings.

Grammar- In grammar we be recognizing abstract nouns and when and where to properly use commas and capitalization.

Math- We are finishing the unit on graphs and we will be starting a unit on multiplication.

Social/Science Our next unit in social studies is on how small communities of people helped to build our nation. Starting with the Native Americans to explorers to our founding leaders of the United States.


The third graders are practicing for their Thanksgiving program this week. Please help them with memorizing any words or lines. 

They will be performing (K-3) at St. Elizabeth's and the Health Care Center next Monday, November 22.


Hi, my name is Carrie Williams. I have been a teacher here at St. Felix for 27 years! My husband David and I have lived in Wabasha for the past 16 years and just love it! I enjoy going for walks along the river, biking, reading and traveling. I also have two Shelties their names are Brody and Lindy.

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