2020–2021 K – 6 Registration Page




The total cost to educate each child at St. Felix School during the 2020-2021 school year is approximately $12,000. This cost is met primarily by tuition, parish subsidy, and fundraising.


Tuition covers 15% of that cost. The remaining cost is covered by:

  • St. Felix and St. Agnes parishioners contributing $242,000 per year, which provides over $4,000 per student per year.

  • Fundraising efforts generate $2,800 per student per year. (requires participation by every family)

  • Other income and donations contribute the remaining cost per student


The early enrollment fee is $75 per family and is due at the time of enrollment. After April 15, a $125 per family enrollment fee applies.

Tuition rates

                                               Yearly                  10 Month Plan

One Student                           $2900                   $290

Two Students                          $4,850                  $485

Three or more students          $6,800                  $680

Other Financial Support

Financial Support             Discount                                                           How to apply                                Deadline


Scrip Gift Cards                1/3% towards your child’s school tuition          Purchase at the parish office       Ongoing


Adopt-a-Student                Needs Base scholarship                                 Fill out scholarship form               May 8th

Amy Marx’s Scholarship    Depends on number applicants                     Fill out scholarship form               May 8th

Bernard & Cecilia LaRocque Scholarship    Depends on number applicants      Fill out scholarship form   May 8th